Essential Technologies that Every Web Developer Needs to Know About


A career as a web developer is an exciting path because it is filled with various kinds of projects. These courses try to test your skills and help you develop to the next possible extent. But before you get to that particular point, there is another bridge that you need to cross. Formerly known as the basics, every web developer must be aware of these aspects. Hence, to get started on the same, here are those underlying technologies.



Hyper-Text Mark-Up language or HTML is the very foundation of websites. It tends to add a unique structure to the entire process and thus helps a visitor to know what he/she should opt for. So by all means, it is essential that web developers are aware of HTML because it provides the ideal start into the world of web technologies.

2. Browsers

When it comes to browsers, we believe that it is crucial for everyone to know about the same. Also known as the interpreters of the web, browsers have been around to help you find all kinds of solutions. Throughout the process, a lot of companies came forward with browsers, and Google stands to be the most famous one. Hence, be it Google Chrome or Firefox, you need to know the basic meaning behind the same.


3. Programming Languages

Without a programming language, it is hard to communicate and let the computer know about the program that you want to create. For that very purpose, programming languages have a primary group of importance and web developers cannot live without the same. Just like browser, there are many applications for programming languages with JavaScript being the most popular. Although there are other applications, a large share of the market relies on JavaScript.

4. Cascading Style Sheet

Apart from language, the web site’s design is also essential, and that brings CSS or Cascading Style Sheet into the picture. The application’s primary purpose is to help developers make changes in terms of colour, animation, fonts and a lot more. By using CSS, every web developer will be able to provide numerous transitions to a website. So if you’re looking for a career as a web developer, then CSS needs to be understood.


5. Database

As the name suggests, Database can be described as a network that stores all the data. It adds accessibility and credibility to the entire picture, helping you to make the most out of the process. Due to all this, Database is quite essential, and you need to know about the same. Hence, keep these five necessary technologies in your mind and move forward to live the dream of being a web developer.

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