Points of Difference Between a Web Developer and Web Designer

Web technology is a particular field that has a lot of opportunities and potential to help your career grow. But all those opportunities are not the same thing because there lies a lot of difference between the two fields. That particular difference also lies between two types of jobs, namely a web developer and web designer. Regardless of whatever you thought so far, these two positions are not the same. But calling them to be different doesn’t necessarily make them different. Hence to prove that very point, here are all the differences between a web developer and web designer.


1. Meaning and Definition

To make matters simple, we are going to start with their basic introduction through which you can notice the dissimilarity. Web development or a web developer is mainly associated with framing the entire picture. He/she will build the program or website and make matters progressive. On the other hand, a web designer will be responsible for designing the picture and telling the story. He/she will utilise their skills to add aesthetics and make the website communicate with the customer. A great example of quality design and communicating with a customer is the way we worked with Cleaning Support to develop their webpage and help communicate with customers quickly so they can understand the specifics of what is included in a job they were booking. As far as a website is concerned, both Design and Development is important and these professionals need to come together to be the most effective.


2. The Tools

Since both these professions are different, they tend to use various kinds of tools that push their work forward. Web developers usually meet their demands with tools like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and so on. But as the work progresses, they might also utilise other tools that try to meet new age diamonds. Various software will be implemented, and aspects will be controlled accordingly. On the other hand, web designers use graphic designing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Illustrator, and so on. By all means, their work needs to paint a clear picture and one that remains to be user-friendly.

3. Job Security

When it comes to professional matters and aspects of the job, it is quite safe to say that both these professions provide you with job security. The demand for both these professions sits at a considerable extent, and it manages to remain that way. Thanks to various innovations in the field of digital marketing, the need for a website is huge. So if you need a website, then you would also need a developer and a designer.


4. The Paycheck

Although job security is similar, the aspect of salary is quite different. Both these professions do not carry home the same paycheck because web developers are known to earn more than web designers. Yes, that’s right. Web developers tend to make around $75,487 annually, and web designers make about $57,000. So by all means, both these professions tend to paint a different picture.

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