The Underlying Basics of Web Technology

The general term of web technology talks about a lot of packages and materials that are used to bring out quality websites. Since everything has certain limitations, a lot of aspects tend to come together to form the solution. When these components are mixed, they provide a specific solution that helps you curate websites and other things. But to make matters effective, one requires a complete understanding of the same. For that very purpose, we have put together some of the very basics of web technology. So have a look.


1. HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-Up Language)

If there’s one aspect that is crucial to every website, then it has to be HTML. This is also the main reason why people classify HTML to be the basic foundation of every website. By all means, HTML is an open-source language that needs to be understood in the right manner. But aspects are quite easy because HTML is not rocket science. Once you know HTML, elements ahead will be smooth and easy to learn. Due to its flexibility, everything tends to be possible and created at a simple mark.

2. Flash

Unlike HTML, Flash is not that easy to understand, and it is not an open-source platform. For Flash, you will have to download a plug-in, and the visitor needs to install the same to make matters effective. On another note, to keep things running, you will also have to update the plug-in as and when a new version emerges. But if you consider that to be a limitation, then you need to read a book about Flash. The multimedia package is quite useful and helps you achieve a lot of things. Due to all this, numerous web designers still use Flash to run aspects of their work.



DHTML is a small addition to HTML, and it also adds the term “Dynamic” in front. It tries to simplify the process and helps to make matters progressive. But DHTML is just a term that tends to pinpoint at various applications.


  1. JavaScript – the scripting language called, “JavaScript” is quite popular, and people have been using the same for quite some time. It can be described as a programmed response that helps the user to move forward. The dominant language is well regarded as people use it despite the launch of other applications. It can be used by effectively placing it inside an HTML page or separately in a JavaScript file.


The above points tend to give a small brief about web technology and how matters are run. This exciting world is not small and contains a lot more aspects than what is mentioned above. So if you are interested in a career in web technologies, then you need to take a class about the same.

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